Updates from May

It’s been a while so I thought I’d share a short update on what is going on in Bridget land. To start off, things at work are stressful. I have been filling in for our sole HR person since the end of February so I’ve been doing all Marketing stuff plus as many of her responsibilities as she could go over with me before she had to leave work. So to say its be hectic would be putting it mildly. Thankfully she’ll be back in the office tomorrow and I’ll go back to just doing marketing. Which means I can go back to working my normal hours.

Because I have been working so much I haven’t really been able to to any intense programming. I’ve made it through a decent-ish chunk of Free Code Camp, but that’s because I could multitask with a lot of it. I haven’t done anything at with CS50x since I finished Mario because I haven’t had time. I’m looking forward to diving back in to that now that I’ll have time for it.

I also haven’t had time to figure out how I’ll do my portfolio on here but I’m sure I’ll figure that out soon.

For now though, I’ve got a baby shower to attend, so I’ll share more soon.

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