Loopty loops in my brain

Along with the complete web developer course on Udemy, I have also started taking Harvards CS50 through edx.org to form a more complete base to build up my programming skills. I breezed through the first few lectures and even the first problem set (pset0) so when it was time to start pset1 I thought I’d breeze through that as well. Sadly I was mistaken. Pset1 involves using the C programming language to build a simple program that gets an input from the user, stores that input and uses the value to determine the height of a half pyramid where the straight edge is on the right and the slanted edge is on the left.  In theory and in pseudocode it was easy enough to figure out, I need to make a couple of loops that go through putting spaces first then # symbols to represent the blocks of the pyramid, then a loop to start a new line. Rinse and repeat until the height of the pyramid matches the input collected from the user. My attempts to turn this into actual C code however, have just been failing miserably. I am determined to figure this out and will let ya know when I do but in the meantime, I will happily accept words of encouragement.

On an unrelated note, I am also working through FreeCodeCamp.com and was super excited to see that when I started doing Jquery I was able to understand and predict what I was doing much more easily that when I was doing it on teamtreehouse.com. I’m hoping that means all this work is slowly but surely sinking in and soon enough I will be a web dev master! Yay me!

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